5 Ways To Guarantee Results In 2019!

Hello 2019!!

Today is the first day of the New Year which means the New Year’s resolutions are in full effect!  Health + fitness is a key focus for a lot of people each year so I thought this blog would be the perfect first post.  

Many times we go in to the New Year with great intentions and a ton of motivation to make these resolutions happen but once the motivation fades we are left with a gym membership that goes unused for months.  This is why working towards getting fit and then staying fit is a challenge. Motivation is fleeting unless you have a solid “why” and end goal. If you have the foundation as to WHY you want your health + fitness to be your focus then your goals are much more likely to become a reality!

Here are 5 ways to guarantee results with your health + fitness this year...

Be consistent

You don’t have to be the fastest, strongest or fittest person around, but if you want to enjoy all of the benefits of being healthy + fit, you need to be consistent by making exercise a regular part of your life. You don’t need to hit the gym 6x per week but you do need to find a routine that you enjoy.  Whether you prefer to hit the gym, go for a run, swim laps, or workout at-home, no exercise program in the world is going to work if you don’t follow it consistently.

Set realistic goals

Don’t begin an exercise routine striving for perfection or reaching for some sort of unrealistic goal that you are not likely to meet – this will only end in disappointment and you being discouraged from keeping up with your health + fitness. Instead, focus on building on healthy habits.

If your goal for the year is to improve your cardio and run a road race, make it a habit to go walking for 20-30 minutes each day and then gradually add to the time, distance, and intensity. Start taking the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away instead of spending the time looking for a VIP spot. All of these small changes will gradually become habits and increase your overall health + fitness level.  

Enjoy the process

It’s important that your fitness program is something you enjoy and want to do, not something you are forcing yourself do for the sake of a desired body image – that alone will not sustain your motivation long term and will lead to burn-out. Try following these tips to keep it fun, motivating, and sustainable:  

  • Find your favorite music station on Pandora to keep it fun and the positive vibes up

  • Swap traditional strength training for more high intensity, shorter workouts

  • Add variety – switch up your fitness routine every few weeks.

  • Keep your diet clean, simple, and delicious by trying a new recipe or two each week. Start a board on Pinterest to keep all of your favorite recipes in one place.

  • Ask family and friends to workout with you or find someone who has similar health + fitness goals. Sharing your progress with others will add motivation and accountability, making it easier to stay on track and keep moving towards your health and fitness goals. Tell your family, friends and anyone else that will offer praise and support what your up to. The more involved someone is in what you are doing, the more likely you will feel accountability to stay on track. This is really going to help you when it comes to staying consistent and enjoying the process!.

A short workout is better than no workout

You can be busy and stay fit as long as you make your routine work with your lifestyle. If you had a long day and you simply cannot get to the gym that day, opt for a workout at home – this goes back to being consistent and will make you feel so much better that you didn’t skip exercise altogether. You don’t have to have a home gym to make it happen.  Find a spot on the floor with a mat and a set of dumbells and get to work! If a workout at the house doesn’t appeal to you that day then simply get outside for some fresh air and get 10-20 minutes of good cardio in. Something is ALWAYS better than nothing!

Be inspired

Inspiration and fitness is really a state of mind. In order to find inspiration, surround yourself with the right people. It is near impossible to achieve your goals when you have negative people pulling you down and not supporting your lifestyle.  It may be more “comfortable” staying where you are but it’s not getting you anywhere. Being around others who support and encourage you to “do you” will keep you focused and accountable. Find motivating blogs, Instagram accounts, or magazines that you can relate to and that will inspire you to stick to your goals.

Reward Yourself

Go buy yourself a new workout outfit and shoes! When you invest in yourself you are SO much more likely to follow through on what you set out to do.  Plus, looking good in your new clothes will up your energy levels. Treat yourself girl!

Another great motivator is setting up a rewards chart.  It will make it that much more fun and motivating to stay on track.  Set small goals for every three weeks of your program. If you hit your goals then treat yourself to a dinner out, new shirt, or whatever it may be.  Also set up a bigger reward for completing the whole program – plan it from day one and make sure it’s something that will motivate you!

Remember that there will be ups and downs when trying to stick to a new routine. There will be setbacks and there will be victories. Aim to be patient, don’t give up and you will see great results this year!! You. Got. This.


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