Fitness Subscription


Fitness Subscription


The purpose of this monthly workout subscription is to provide you with a variety of workouts each month that are tailored for women who are short on time, but still want to make health + fitness a priority. The workouts are specifically designed to boost metabolism, increase energy, and tone it up!

HOW IT WORKS: Upon subscription you will receive a Welcome email with a link to download the OLL app. Once your account is set-up the monthly fitness plan will be uploaded to your calendar along with helpful tips on Getting Started. Each workout includes demonstration videos, detailed instructions, and modifications. A new fitness plan will be automatically uploaded to your account the first Monday of each month.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: These workouts are all designed so you can workout at home! The equipment needed:

  • Set of dumbbells (if you don't have some, HERE is a set for a great price)

  • Stability ball (if you don't have one, HERE is a good option)

  • Resistance Band (if you don’t have one, HERE is a great option)

COST: You will be charged $19 a month, starting from the day you sign up. This roughly breaks down to $5 per week for your fitness plan, support + accountability, and exclusive access to the OLL app with demonstration videos, progress tracking, health + fitness tips, etc.

UNSUBSCRIBING: You can absolutely cancel at anytime! Please keep in mind that when you cancel, access to the app will stop immediately. You will not receive the workouts for the remainder of that month. Please take this into consideration when/if you decide to cancel.


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