Slim Down + Tone Up 12-Week Series


Slim Down + Tone Up 12-Week Series


When you join the Slim Down + Tone Up Challenge group, you'll find tools and strategies designed to transform your lifestyle, health, & fitness.

After our 12 weeks together you will be equipped with the positive mindset strategies and healthy habits to be able to break through dieting barriers that have been building over the years. You will receive continuous support and accountability to make an everlasting changes and transformation. The body you crave is just around the corner with the mix of high intensity interval training, cardio, and strength workouts combined with specially designed meal plans with your goals in mind!

  • 12-week workout plan to lose weight + build lean muscle

  • Bi-weekly meal plan options with grocery list

  • Simple-to-use Fitness Calendar 

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Progress Tracking with exclusive access to my app

  • Accountability + support directly from me AND the other ladies in the program

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